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Eric Benhamou Presents Credinext Consortium Project - Apr 08


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Eric Benhamou Presents Credinext Consortium Project

16th April, 2008 - Eric Benhamou, CEO and Head of the Research and Development department, presents Pricing Partners and the Credinext consortium project at a press breakfast meeting, attended by the main French financial journalists: Les Echos, La Tribune, l’AGEFI, Bloomberg, E-Financial News, NextFinance.

Finance Innovation launched new industrial and research projects to strengthen the French financial industry position in Europe and worldwide. During the press meeting held on April, 16th, 2008, the labeling of 20 industrial and research projects in the financial sector has been announced, among which 4 prestigious and representative projects were presented.

One of them is  the project leaded by Pricing Partners called Credinext. This project gathers NYSE Euronext, the biggest worldwide exchange, (Marie-Hélène Crétu), the research centers of Ecole Polytechnique (Nicole El Karoui), Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Bernard Lapeyre), INRIA (Agnès Sulem), The University of Marne La Vallée (Damien Lamberton), the consulting firm Lunalogic (Fadila Palmer) and Pricing Partners (Eric Benhamou) to provide the first independent valuation platform on credit derivatives and structured products. Credinext meets a growing need from the buy side for more transparency in the financial markets as well as incentive regulation for independent valuation on derivatives. 


Credinext brings substantial innovation, with new scientific valuation algorithms, an industrial ASP platform and greater transparency on structured products. As such, this project has been among the early ones to receive the labeling of the Finance Innovation cluster and financial support from the public innovation funds focusing on new technological breakthroughs from clusters, the “Fond Unique Ministériel”. The project is due to start in the middle late 2008.


Finance Innovation projects have been promoted by l'AGEFI ( and Les Echos ( 


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