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Pricing Partners came up with ultimate transparency proposal at the «Valuation and Risk » - May 09


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Pricing Partners came up with ultimate transparency proposal at the «Valuation and Risk » 

Paris-London: At the «Valuation and Risk » forum in London, 30 April 2009, Pricing Partners, the independent valuation expert and a world leader in mathematical models and analytics for derivatives and structured products, offered ultimate transparency proposal with the source code access to its valuation models thanks to the Price-it ® Source Code solution.

Present in two panels of the "Risk and Valuation" forum, organized by Ian Blance, one on valuation models and the other one on independent valuation, Pricing Partners highlighted the importance of greater transparency on financial structured and otc products. These illiquid products do not have listed prices on exchanges. Consequently, they have to be valued with mathematical models that estimate the cost of the hedging portfolio. Even if all these mathematical models are relying on the same methodology of estimating the average value of future financial cash-flows (using a risk-neutral model, with no arbitrage and consistent with market prices of the hedging instruments), major differences between models used by banks and more broadly the financial community do exist. Even worse, on a given mathematical model, subject yet of scientific publication, two banks may have different valuations because of different implementation details. By offering transparency on its valuation models via a commercial source code solution, Pricing Partners makes a huge step towards greater transparency.

In his speech at the panel sessions on independent valuation, gathering Markit, Sungard Reech, Prism Valuation, Julius Finance, and Pricing Partners, Eric Benhamou, CEO of Pricing Partners and a former Goldman Sachs employee said: "Transparency is a key. At Pricing Partners, we are targeting total transparency in our valuations models, assumptions and methodology. In the case of a pricing challenge, we give our clients access to all the elements used in the pricing, namely market data inputs, modeling assumptions and models used, calibration results and the description of the financial product in our flagship Price-it® language. This is already good and goes beyond most of our competitors. But since the beginning of the year, we go even further and are now offering the ultimate transparency with the access to the source code of our cutting edge valuation models in the Price-it ® Source Code solution."

Indeed, the source code is the ultimate step towards transparency. It gives access to all the implementation details, whether they are tips and insights for greater robustness and stability of pricing models, or the involved and intricate knowledge for computation acceleration. For modeling teams of investment banks struggling to get their models and analytical working accurately in all cases, for risk controls groups concerned about the obscure murky details of the real implementation of pricing models, for asset management companies in search for completely transparent solution, for hedge funds looking for in-depth understanding and knowledge of valuation models and the possibility of arbitrage, or for auditors responsible for validating and controlling clients models, Price-it ® Source Code provides a practical and very effective solution. Price-it® Source Code contains a very large part of the Pricing Partners solution source code with approximately ninety percent of the total code. It is a C++ library with approximately 1200 classes and 600 000 lines of code, with API interfaces for standard Dll, Excel Xll, Com Dlls, Java JNI, XML, Misys Summit and Lexifi softwares. It comes with a suite of testing environment and an auto-generation tool to rapidly export functions. Price-it® Source Code has a large coverage in terms of financial derivatives as it covers credit, commodity, equity, foreign exchange (FX), inflation, life insurance, fixed income, interest rates and hybrids. It concentrates experience and knowledge of experts from the quantitative world, who were previously working in top investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale or Natixis. Price-it ® Source code is the only solution on the market providing full transparency on the scientific methods and models used.

Founded by former professionals of the trading floor, Pricing Partners has become over the last few years a major player in both cutting edge models and analytics for OTC derivatives and structured products and an independent valuation and revaluation provider. In October 2008, it launched its Internet independent valuation platform, Price-it® Online and partnered with NYSE Euronext via Prime Source to reach a more global scope. With Price-it ® Source Code, Pricing Partners positioned itself as the full transparency independent valuation provider. Indeed, Pricing Partners intends to give to the financial community an effective response to the recent problems and concern of lack of transparency in this crisis environment.

About Pricing Partners
Set up by former professionals of the trading industry, Pricing Partners offers accurate solutions for derivatives products valuation, pricing tools and risk analytics. Thanks to Price-it online, a SaaS platform, Pricing Partners provides independent valuation from the vanilla to the most exotic financial products on most assets (Interest Rates, Fixed Income, Equity, Inflation, Credit, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Life Insurance and Hybrid products). Pricing Partners develops and commercializes Price-it Excel, an analytic and independent pricing library using a generic payoff language description which allows the pricing of virtually any financial derivatives. Price-it also supports VaR, CVaR and the most common risk management tools. Pricing Partners is the only company completely mastering the chain of valuation, developing both its own pricing library and a valuation platform giving its clients very accurate and reliable valuation as a result of its intrinsic knowledge of the pricing tools. Pricing Partners solutions can be used by investment banks, buy side firms, hedge funds, financial departments, trading rooms and audit firms.

Pricing Partners has also signed numerous partnerships to distribute its technology with leading institutions like NYSE Euronext (for its independent valuation service via Primesource), Misys (for its pricing library integrated into Summit), CMA or Lexifi. It is also a Microsoft IDEES partner, an IBM, Sun, Datasynapse partner. It is also a member of the grid research consortium GCPMF regrouping BNP Paribas, Calyon, Ecole Centrale, EDF, ENPC, the Inria, Natixis, Misys, Pars VI University and Supelec and a global coordinator of the Credinext consortium, a collaborative project supported by the cluster Finance Innovation and done in collaboration with PrimeSource, Lunalogic, the Ecole Polytechnique, the ENPC, the University of Marne La Vallée and the INRIA.

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