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Pricing Partners provides training on Price-it at French Grandes Ecoles - Jun 09



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Pricing Partners provides training on Price-it at French Grandes Ecoles

Paris- London: Pricing Partners®, (, the independent valuation expert and a world leader in cutting edge mathematical models for OTC derivatives and structured products, today, announced that it successfully renewed its leading experience in training its flagship software Price-it® with its Grandes Ecoles partners for its third consecutive year.

Training sessions take place during the mathematical finance courses of the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, the University of Marne la Vallée, the ENSAE ParisTech, the Toulouse Business School and the Supaéro (ISAE). The idea is to offer students a course given by professionals from the financial market. This course puts students in a real situation of a trading floor. During the training program, Pricing Partners provides students its flagship software so that they could value derivatives and structured products as they were in a real trading floor. The examples showed during the training program correspond to real cases, like derivatives traded by Deutsch Bank, Morgan Stanly or JP Morgan. This course completes the more theoretical ones given in the Masters of Quantitative Finance, as this course illustrates the operation, challenge and conditions for the pricing of structured products in a concrete way.

Eric Benhamou, CEO of Pricing Partners, former Goldman Sachs quant comments “The idea of these practical classes, with the same tools as the ones of front office, came out from two motivations:

  • Teachers that wished to offer to their student more exposure to the professional practices
  • Pricing Partners that wished to approach our future decision makers and educate them to its software.

We have therefore proposed to 3 finance professors, Mr. Bernard Lapeyre professor of the Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, the head of Mathematical Finance Course at the ENSAE ParisTech, and Mr. Jean Claude Gabillon, professor of the Toulouse ESC Business school to give classes on our flagship software Price-it®. During the entire period of classes, we provide students an evaluation license and show them concrete cases on how mathematical models are implemented in an investment bank. The feedback from most of the professors and students is very positive. Moreover, we have expanded the partnership with more concerned schools and Pricing Partners trainers.” 

Bernard Lapeyre, professor at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech adds “This opportunity to discover the world of a trading floor with a trading floor software is a good complementary to our M2 mathematical finance class. Pricing Partners is a major actor in the financial modeling software field. So we feel very happy to be able to collaborate with them.”

The head of the financial Markets Course from the ENSAE ParisTech comments: “The Pricing Partners classes are very unique and lots of ours students like it just because it is very practical and concrete. We are very pleased with this collaboration with Pricing Partners who is a major industrial player in the financial products pricing field and provides as well as a pragmatic vision of the use of mathematical finance models. This year, the involvement of Pricing Partners on credit derivatives which was at the heart of the crisis has been followed with a great interest.”

Jean-Claude Gabillon from Toulouse Business School completes “For a third consecutive year, Mr Kodjo Klouvi from Pricing Partners let our students discover the world of a trading floor.  It is an especially interesting training program for our Master Students, because most of them come from an Engineering School and they have not done any internship in a bank yet. Theoretical courses on models are not enough to fully understand how models are used in practice. They learn all the calibration procedures through the software Price-it®. They can as well figure out the importance of modeling assumption.”

Founded by former professionals of the trading floor, working in investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Société Générale, Natixis or HSBC, Pricing Partners has become over the last two years a major player. In October 2008, it launched its Internet independent valuation platform, Price-it® Online, which affirms its leading place in the financial modeling as well as independent valuations provider. Designed for all major assets like Interest Rates, Equity, Inflation, Credit, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, and Life Insurance to Hybrid products, Price-it® comes either as a software or an Internet Platform, providing all the tools for the transparent valuation on structured products. Price-it® online uses cutting edge mathematical models together with a new language to describe the complexity of any structured products. 


About the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

The École des Ponts ParisTech is one of the world’s oldest engineering institutes. It has been training the elite of French engineers for over two centuries. In the last decades, it has developed beyond its more traditional fields and into an international institution, adapting to the changing demands of the modern world. 

Four major types of programmes are offered

  • Engineering programmes: Leading to a 5-year engineering degree (after undergraduate and graduate studies, or the 2-year graduate course alone, in both cases following entrance examinations), or to a master’s degree.
  • Master of Science: A professional or research-based, postgraduate degree of one or two years, offered either within the engineering institutes members of ParisTech, or within universities.
  • PhD: Trains students through innovative research work and taught courses. École des Ponts ParisTech delegated the attribution of its PhD degree to Université Paris-Est.
  • Post-Master professional certificate: A professional course of one to one and a half years; MBAs.

Besides traditional fields such as civil engineering, environment, transport, town and regional planning, mechanics, industrial management and logistics, École des Ponts now also offers advanced programmes in fields such as applied mathematics, economics and management. You will meet students and researchers from many countries and will be in constant contact with the business world. You will also discover the charms of an advanced, medium-sized institution, where personal relationships can develop in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.
For more information, please visit the website:


About the ENSAE ParisTech

The "École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Économique" (ENSAE) is one of the leading French institutions of higher learning in the fields of statistics, economics, finance and actuarial science.  ENSAE is a founder member of the Paris Institute of Technology (ParisTech), together with some of France's most prestigious graduate schools of engineering (the so-called "Grandes écoles"). ENSAE has close links with the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST), one of France's leading research centers in the fields of economics, statistics and finance. More recently, ENSAE and CREST became associate members of the Paris School of Economics (PSE). Indeed, ENSAE has long been closely involved in the main graduate research program of PSE, the master Analyse et Politique Économiques, for which the school contributes a significant number of courses. University partnerships extend to all fields of excellence of ENSAE-CREST : economics, statistics and finance.  
For further information, please visit their website:


About the Toulouse Business School (

With AACSB accreditation, Toulouse Business School achieved the grand slam and joined the ranks of the best international business schools, those who have been awarded all three certificates of excellence. In June 2004, only 21 business schools in the world, including 5 French Grandes Ecoles, enjoy this triple distinction of EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB accreditation. International accreditations are awarded for a specified period, at the end of which the institution has to go through the accreditation process once again: an in-depth strategic audit report, followed by a visit from the accreditors to verify on site the accuracy of the information given. Higher education today is a highly internationalized, extremely competitive sector. For candidate students, companies, professional organizations, research professors, universities seeking partnerships-in short, for all concerned with business education, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get one's bearings and make informed, confident decisions. 


About Pricing Partners

Set up by former professionals of the trading industry, Pricing Partners offers accurate solutions for derivatives products valuation, pricing tools and risk analytics. Thanks to Price-it online, a SaaS platform, Pricing Partners provides independent valuation from the vanilla to the most exotic financial products on most assets (Interest Rates, Fixed Income, Equity, Inflation, Credit, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Life Insurance and Hybrid products). Pricing Partners develops and commercializes Price-it Excel, an analytic and independent pricing library using a generic payoff language description which allows the pricing of virtually any financial derivatives. Price-it also supports VaR, CVaR and the most common risk management tools. Pricing Partners is the only company completely mastering the chain of valuation, developing both its own pricing library and a valuation platform giving its clients very accurate and reliable valuation as a result of its intrinsic knowledge of the pricing tools. Pricing Partners solutions can be used by investment banks, buy side firms, hedge funds, financial departments, trading rooms and audit firms.

Pricing Partners has also signed numerous partnerships to distribute its technology with leading institutions like NYSE Euronext (for its independent valuation service via Prime Source), Misys (for its pricing library integrated into Summit), CMA or Lexifi. It is also a Microsoft IDEES partner, an IBM, Sun, Datasynapse partner. It is also a member of the grid research consortium GCPMF regrouping BNP Paribas, Calyon, Ecole Centrale, EDF, ENPC, the Inria, Natixis, Misys, Pars VI University and Supelec and a global coordinator of the Credinext consortium, in collaboration with PrimeSource, Lunalogic, the Ecole Polytechnique, the ENPC, the University of Marne La Vallée and the INRIA.



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