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Pricing Partners and ActiveEon provide a high performance solution - Aug 09


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Pricing Partners and ActiveEon provide a high performance solution

August 25, 2009 Paris-London: Pricing Partners, the independent valuation expert and a world leader in mathematical models and analytics for derivatives and structured products, announced today that Pricing Partners established a strong technology partnership with ActiveEon to provide an ultra rapid solution for the valuation of derivative products. This partnership is based on the mathematic models for valuations of Pricing Partners and the technology of distributed computing from ActiveEon relying on the groundbreaking innovative ProActive Parallel Suite ® originated from INRIA.

This solution, ‘Price-it® Excel Accelerated by ProActive’, will remarkably increase the computing power of Price-it® Excel and thus considerably reduce the required time for the valuation of portfolio of hundreds even thousands of complex products. It will benefit from the effects of scales by using the maximum of available resources within the company’s clients. The grid computing solution, from desktop to cluster, guarantees indeed the loading time together with ultra fast response and meanwhile enables the assessment of effective computing power in order to achieve a significant time saving.

Eric Benhamou, CEO of Pricing Partners comments “Pricing Partners’ valuation models are highly accurate; however, they can take time in calculation. This partnership with ActiveEon, which offers a very innovative solution, enables us now to provide our clients a solution that could reduce dramatically the computing time, and hence responds to a more obvious need in terms of computing power. Therefore, I am very pleased with this partnership that allows us to deliver to our clients a very high quality service.”

"ActiveEon is committed to an open partnership ecosystem for achieving portable OEM solutions, with a product that allows best-of-breed solution vendors such as Pricing Partners to accelerate their solutions with ProActive Parallel Suite®,” adds Denis Caromel, main founder, ActiveEon. "Partnering with Pricing Partners, a leader in mathematic models, positions us in the financial grid computing field as a key Grid Computing actor with a robust, powerful and recognized solution. Integration with Price-it® extends ActiveEon's leading enterprise grid technologies with the ability to deliver ‘Price-it Excel accelerated by ProActive’. This fully integrated solution should be very valuable to Pricing Partners’ existing and future clients for sizing the computing power effectively and rapidly.”

In this partnership, the two companies will deploy together a global solution. Pricing Partners clients should rapidly be able to benefit from both improved performance and robustness thanks to the deployment of enterprise grid computing with optimized response time during valuation and risk calculation operations.

About ActiveEon

ActiveEon is your dedicated technology partner for accelerating and scaling up your enterprise applications in the distributed and parallel domain. Founded in 2007, and based in the Sophia Antipolis Techno Park, France, ActiveEon is a Professional Open Source Software Company originated from INRIA ( that co-develops innovative software: ProActive Parallel Suite®, a complete framework providing Java Parallel Programming seamlessly integrated with Scheduling and Resource Management. ProActive accelerates and scales up distributed and parallel applications for a better utilization of your existing investments in Desktops, Multi-Cores, Clusters, Grids and Clouds. Highly portable (Linux, Windows, MacOS), with ProActive your applications can be simply executed within your company’s and your customers’ infrastructures, enabling greater business agility at radically lower costs. ActiveEon also provides high-end services & professional support (Training, Consulting, Development, Integration, and Subscription) directly delivered to you by ProActive experts. We partner with Integrators for challenging development projects and with ISVs for achieving portable OEM solutions. ActiveEon has strategic relationships with the largest IT vendors such as HP, Oracle, Microsoft® and Pricing Partners. Our customers are worldwide; our expertise is applied in many sectors including IT services, Finance, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Telco, Academia and Government.

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About Pricing Partners

Set up by former professionals of the trading industry, Pricing Partners offers accurate solutions for derivatives products valuation, pricing tools and risk analytics. Thanks to Price-it online, a SaaS platform, Pricing Partners provides independent valuation from the vanilla to the most exotic financial products on most assets (Interest Rates, Fixed Income, Equity, Inflation, Credit, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Life Insurance and Hybrid products). Pricing Partners develops and commercializes Price-it Excel, an analytic and independent pricing library using a generic payoff language description which allows the pricing of virtually any financial derivatives. Price-it also supports VaR, CVaR and the most common risk management tools. Pricing Partners is the only company completely mastering the chain of valuation, developing both its own pricing library and a valuation platform giving its clients very accurate and reliable valuation as a result of its intrinsic knowledge of the pricing tools. Pricing Partners solutions can be used by investment banks, buy side firms, hedge funds, financial departments, trading rooms and audit firms.

Pricing Partners has also signed numerous partnerships to distribute its technology with leading institutions like NYSE Euronext (for its independent valuation service via Primesource), Misys (for its pricing library integrated into Summit), CMA or Lexifi. It is also a Microsoft IDEES partner, an IBM, Sun, Datasynapse and ActiveEon partner. Furthermore, it is a member of the grid research consortium GCPMF uniting BNP Paribas, Calyon, Ecole Centrale, EDF, ENPC, INRIA, Natixis, Misys, Pars VI University and Supelec and a global coordinator of the Credinext consortium, in collaboration with Prime Source, Lunalogic, Ecole Polytechnique, ENPC, University of Marne La Vallée and INRIA.

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