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A New Star Is Born - Sep 05



Pricing Partners Derivatives-Pricing-Analytics-Independent-Valuation

Kick off of Pricing Partners, founded by Eric Benhamou (CEO) and René Anger (CTO) !!!


About Eric Benhamou 


Eric Benhamou founded Pricing Partners in 2005 and is its major investor today. He is the Company's CEO, Head Quantitative Researcher.


Prior to founding Pricing Partners, Eric Benhamou served as a quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs before heading the quantitative research department at Ixis CIB.


Eric has worked on a wide range of capital markets with particular expertise in Interest Rates, Inflation and Hybrid Derivatives. He is also one of the precursors of Inflation derivatives Pricing Methods.


Eric Benhamou holds a degree from the famous French Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE Schools of Higher Education, followed by a DEA degree from Jusieu Univeristy after attending the El Karoui Program headed by renowned French quantitative expert Dr. El Karoui. He also earned a PhD degree from the London School of Economics.


Today with more than 8 years of experience in quantitative modeling, Eric heads the quantitative research department of the company. He is also a speaker at professional conferences and teaches at partner universities.


About René Anger


René Anger is Pricing Partners' Chief Technological Officer and head of the Information and Technology Department.


Prior to joining the company, René Anger worked as an IT Quantitative Analyst at major French and international investment banks such as HSBC, Ixis CIB, Société Général and Sungard Infinity.


René has over 10 years experience in Front Office IT, and has headed multiple projects related to Generic Pricing, Grid Computing and Application Service Providing.


René Anger attended the University of Compiègnes where he graduated as a Computer Science Engineer.