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The ICBI Conference in Paris - A Huge Success - Jun 07


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The ICBI Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management conference was a huge success! The event brought together over 500 attendees including leading practitioners and academics in the industry, all of whom are experts in their field and brought their unique perspective on various subjects.

Following the conference Pricing Partners was able to benefit from positive fallout and a lot of interest from the attending parties. 

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We were very happy to be a part of such a gathering and have the opportunity to make acquaintances with some of the leading experts in the field of derivative valuation.

As we are working very hard to emerge as an expert in independent valuation - whose solutions and services apply to companies around the world - the conference was an excellent opportunity to get to know clients' needs.

Our CEO, Eric Benhamou also had the honour of being a speaker at the conference and tackled the subject of Advanced Modelling Of Hybrid Derivative Products. His address is available through the conference organisers.



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About Pricing Partners

Founded by professionals of the trading floor industry, Pricing Partners provides software solutions and consulting services for derivatives independent valuation. Pricing Partners proposes Price-it®, an independent analytic library solution to price complex financial products on different markets (IR, Equity, Credit, Inflation, Hybrids, Commodities and FX). 

The Pricing Partners solution enables users to comply with accounting standards evolution as well as regulation evolutions in a capital market industry related to independent valuation issues of OTC products. Price-it® principally targets asset-managers, financial departments of large banks, dealing rooms and audit firms. The company is based in Paris.