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The Pricing Partners - HIRAM FINANCE partnership - May 07


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Paris, May 15th 2007 - Pricing Partners, a financial engineering company and editor of valuation software, has entered into a partnership agreement with Hiram Finance, a financial consulting firm based in Paris. The agreement was reached after Pricing Partners approached Hiram Finance with the proposal for a Services Partner Agreement.



In the contract, Pricing Partners agrees to deliver Price-it® licenses to Hiram Finance, allowing the company access to the pricing library and its vast capabilities. With its innovative structure and wide product coverage (Bonds, Equity, Credit, Inflation, Interest Rates, Fx, Commodities, MBS and Hybrid products) the Price-it library will invariably help it better manage its consulting service, whose clients - including Investment Banks, Asset Management companies and large corporations - are continuously seeking precise and time to market results in every aspect of their business.


In exchange, Hiram Finance will put its consulting teams at Pricing Partners disposal. "The main objective for Pricing Partners is to be able to outsource its training and consulting services to a specialised and expert firm in its field. Hiram Finance has the consultants able to provide the kind of expert resources that Pricing Partners seeks", says Eric Benhamou, CEO of Pricing Partners.


In order to insure that their clients receive the best quality consulting services adapted to their needs, Pricing Partners will first and foremost train the consulting teams to the use of the Price-it software including, key characteristics, functionalities, coverage, adaptability, ASP platform, problem resolution, etc.


Armed with this knowledge, the Hiram Finance consultants will have the expertise necessary to assist Pricing Partners in training and consulting with clients and prospects.




Hiram Finance   

Hiram Finance is a financial consulting company (20 consultants, turnover €3.5 million in France) dedicated to market activities for investment banking, insurance companies, large-size corporations and asset management. Its clients include Ixis-CIB, Calyon, S-G Securities, CNCEP, BNP-Paribas Asset Management, HSBC-France, Assurances du Crédit Mutuel, LVMH, Veolia Environnement, etc.



About Pricing Partners


Founded by professionals of the trading floor industry, Pricing Partners provides software solutions and consulting services for derivatives independent valuation. Pricing Partners proposes Price-it®, an independent analytic library solution to price complex financial products on different markets (IR, Equity, Credit, Inflation, Hybrids, Commodities and FX).  


The Pricing Partners solution enables users to comply with accounting standards evolution as well as regulation evolutions in a capital market industry related to independent valuation issues of OTC products. Price-it® principally targets asset-managers, financial departments of large banks, dealing rooms and audit firms. The company is based in Paris.