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The Pricing Partners - LexiFi Joint Project - Feb 07


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Paris, February 2, 2007 - Two innovative companies - LexiFi, provider of software for the analysis and management of complex financial products, and Pricing Partners, provider of independent valuation solutions - have announced the successful completion of a joint project aimed at embedding Pricing Partners' analytics within the LexiFi portfolio management system.


The combined solution, developed in conjunction with a large European asset management firm, automates the valuation, analysis, and management of a broad range of structured interest rate, equity, and hybrid products. The single system accelerates the delivery of high valued-added investment products, automates post-trade processes such as independent valuation and life cycle management, and provides advanced portfolio analytics.

The integration was conducted in a short time frame. The customer rapidly captured a sizeable inventory of structured products in the LexiFi portfolio management system, processed all life cycle events, and is now able to value and analyze individual transactions and portfolios with a collection of valuation algorithms provided by Pricing Partners and LexiFi.

"Engineering teams at LexiFi and Pricing Partners worked very well together" comments Eric Benhamou, CEO of Pricing Partners. "Technically, we adapted the interface of Pricing Partners' valuation libraries so that they could be driven by the pricing code generated by LexiFi. A benefit of that approach is that the integration works for any contract, however complex, both at inception and as they age."

"The success of the project is undoubtedly due to a sound software design on both sides" said Jean-Marc Eber, CEO of LexiFi. "The idea of combining clever maths with original software techniques is appealing: Pricing Partners' implementation of recent valuation models, with related calibration algorithms, associated with LexiFi's consistent representation of financial products, enables the rapid delivery of solutions that provide both clear insights into the economics of structured products and processing capabilities that offer the promise of building a business that scales."


About LexiFi 


LexiFi provides software for the analysis and management of complex financial products. The LexiFi solution enables financial institutions to implement timely and pertinent derivative-based solutions while containing costs and risks. LexiFi's primary product is the LexiFi Platform, which provides a foundation to rapidly develop and deploy transaction processing and decision support systems for the trading of complex financial products. The LexiFi Platform is powered by an original formalism for representing financial contracts, the result of a long-term research and development effort that received both industry and academic awards. LexiFi also offers an application suite that provides transaction analysis and portfolio management capabilities for complex financial products. For more information on LexiFi and its products, please visit LexiFi's Web site at



About Pricing Partners 

Founded by professionals of the trading floor industry, Pricing Partners provides software solutions and consulting services for derivatives independent valuation. Pricing Partners proposes Price-it®, an independent analytic library solution to price complex financial products on different markets (IR, Equity, Credit, Inflation, Hybrids, Commodities and FX). The Pricing Partners solution enables users to comply with accounting standards evolution as well as regulation evolutions in a capital market industry related to independent valuation issues of OTC products. Price-it® principally targets asset-managers, financial departments of large banks, dealing rooms and audit firms. The company is based in Paris.