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MAZARS Becomes New Pricing Partners Client - Feb 07


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MAZARS Becomes New Pricing Partners Client

Paris, Febuary 2007 - Mazars, an international, integrated and independent audit firm, has acquired a licence for Price-It®, a cross asset derivative pricing solution to equip themselves for the valuation of IR, Equity, FX and Credit OTC instruments. The wide product coverage will allow Mazars' actuary teams to enhance quality services and efficiently value client portfolios.  

Auditors will use Price-it® to improve managing clients with complex derivative portfolios. Mazars users will benefit from Price-it® generic capabilities to handle every new innovative structure accurately, independently and on a time to market basis. The transaction was concluded after long deliberation and a series of training sessions and product tests on behalf of Mazars. 

"Their assessment of the product was thorough and complete. In the end their decision to equip themselves with the Price-it® solution lends credibility to the fact that our product corresponds to a real market demand", said Pricing Partners CEO Eric Benhamou. 

He also added, "We are pleased to be associated with an internationally renowned auditing firm such as Mazars. For such a player to place their trust in our product, and therefore our expertise, confirms the fact that our solutions can be adapted to suit the needs of any company who is looking for independent and efficient valuation software with large product coverage. As we expand internationally, this contract allows us to be present in the auditing sector. It highlights Price-its strength and Pricing Partners' ability to deliver services that meet client-s needs no matter their specialisation." 

"In Pricing Partners' Price-it® solution we found a product adapted to our specific needs", said Alexandre Guchet, senior manager of Mazars Actuariat. "We wanted an independent solution for valuating multiple asset classes and managing our client's portfolios and found what we were looking for in Price-it®”. 

“Working with them, we found that their expertise, reliability, availability, quality of service and attentiveness to our needs made them the best choice", said Nordine Choukar, senior consultant at Mazars Actuariat. "We are confident that Price-it® will give us the same expertise and level of satisfaction as any large bank trading floor. It will provide us with accurate pricing capabilities, improved productivity and time to market results"    


About Mazars Actuariat

Mazars Actuariat is the actuarial branch of the MAZARS Group and is a fast developing activity. Its wide range of services cover portfolio or company evaluations, financial and commercial support (human resource management, financing optimization, technical arrangements of insurance products, mathematical reserve evaluations, asset liability, strategic allocation of assets, risk management, regulatory and technical advice) to customers who are active in the insurance, banking and industrial markets. 

In collaboration with other Group teams, Mazars Actuariat uses its know-how for assignments requiring multi-field competences such as treasury and capital markets, corporate finance missions, non-traditional statistical studies, or international studies.


About Pricing Partners

Founded by professionals of the trading floor industry, Pricing Partners provides software solutions and consulting services for derivatives independent valuation. Pricing Partners proposes Price-it®, an independent analytic library solution to price complex financial products on different markets (IR, Equity, Credit, Inflation, Hybrids, Commodities and FX). The Pricing Partners solution enables users to comply with accounting standards evolution as well as regulation evolutions in a capital market industry related to independent valuation issues of OTC products. Price-it® principally targets asset-managers, financial departments of large banks, dealing rooms and audit firms. The company is based in Paris.